Welcome to this new blog! My name is Anthea, otherwise known as ‘stitchygodmother’ on various places on the web, including Instagram.  I call myself stitchygodmother, because I love stitches of all kinds! From crosstitch to knitting, crochet to sewing and various others that currently escape my memory, I am a multicraftual, stitch-obsessed person. I like to think that I can wave my magic wand and make everyone’s stitchy dreams come true, but the truth is it takes me a while and lots of stitching to make that actually happen.

So, a little bit about myself. I’m a Mum to two girls, happily married for 16 years now to my long-suffering husband and I’m pushing 40. No, seriously. I hit the big 4-0 in December. Surprisingly, I’m less bothered about 40 than I was about 30. Ten years ago I was sat in a huge puddle of tears in my friends kitchen bemoaning the fact that I was nearly 30 and hadn’t done anything with my life except get married and have kids! Forty, for some reason, doesn’t hold the same terrors. Anyone care to tell me why cause I’m flummoxed.


Anyway, when the youngest…. lets call her Bumblebee… started school, I decided that I would need something to fill my time. As if crocheting and knitting and spinning (oh, I didn’t mention that one! Spinning Wheels!! And fluff! And fibre! And making my own yarn!!) wasn’t enough, I had a yearning to restart my sewing. My sewing machine hadn’t been used in nearly 13 years and I felt it was time to dig it out again and dust it off. Oh, who am I kidding? The honest truth?…. I was sick of finding that my not-so-svelte-pre-baby-figure had completely gone to pot and now resembled a large walking potato. Nothing in the shops fitted and I was sick of feeling depressed about that fact. I was done with giving money to overpriced charlatans who only seemed to photocopy ‘skinny people’ clothes at 500% ratio and expected me to fit into them when they were completely the wrong shape. So, I dusted the old machine off, cut out a pattern, bought pretty fabric and whizzed myself a top up. Which didn’t fit. I hadn’t realised that the charlatans had quietly infiltrated the pattern companies too! Or perhaps those pesky little calorie things had messed with my sewing machine? You know the ones! The ones that also hide in your wardrobe and sew your clothes tighter every night. Yeah, maybe they had messed with the pattern or the sewing machine. Either way, I realised I needed to be able to make the patterns fit me. Enter Craftsy! I spotted a fabulous class by Barbra Deckert all about modifying patterns for plus size people. I worked through that class and hey presto! I found that I could actually make the necessary adjustments and clothes started fitting me rather than me having to fit them!

If only I had known the slippery slope I was about to descend. Sewing a few well-fitting tops opened up some interesting conversations. One in particular, led to a whole lot of googling and an application to college in Edinburgh to study Theatre Costume. So, here I am having recently completed my HND in Theatre Costume Interpretation and making things I never thought possible!

Would you like to join me on my stitching adventures?  Join me here on this blog for and on Instagram @stitchygodmother for regular updates!!

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